Best Mobile Cameras Apps You Can Use for Mobile Wedding Photography

You want to be a photographer or have fondness towards it that you want to fulfill and you are thinking about buying a new camera but you are not sure whether you should really buy it or not. Don’t worry, if you think your new fondness is just some day of fascination, then you can use these camera apps and use them to know whether you really have the eye for photography or as you think it is just some day of fascination.


It is one of the best mobile camera apps that you can use for mobile photography. It is like your little camera. It has all like array of lenses, flashes and films. This app offers great facility for customization and gives you film like feel. You can shoot a short movie with it if you want. So whether you want to do photography or want to shoot movie with it, the app is one of the best. Use it, there are more customizations.

1-Hour Photo:

If you dearly love the black and white photography, you can dearly love this app which is good at rendering black and whites. Though it lacks little bit in control but it gives you the feel of holding your photographs for one hour as in old time when photos captured by roll and you put in lab drying them, waiting for the final rendering.  You may also check out beautifulpre wedding photo shot ideas.


This app is one of the premier one and holds the place on many photography enthusiasts’ mobiles. It is available both on Android and iOs platform. The app provides the milky interface with excellent presets. Though it is one of the best for photo editing rather than taking but you can’t resist it.

Covr photo:

It is a different kind of app that is attached to a cover. If you have the cover and don’t have the app then it is not going to work. You have to have both if you want to use this app. The cover has a built-in prism lens that provides you the facility of capturing photos while you are writing text. You don’t need to tilt up your phone straight for taking photos. And this app is good for street photographers who don’t want to carry heavy cameras.

So above are the some of the best and amazing cameras apps that you can use for photography. The apps are available on Android and iOs both and some only are on latter platform. If you want to use these apps for wedding photography, you can use them but using cameras give you more options and best photos. Besides all, you can hire top wedding photographers in Jaipur if your destination wedding is in the city.

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